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**Name:** Muhammad Qasim  
**YouTube Channel Name:** Knowledge Hunt  
**YouTube Handle:** @knowledgehunt771



Hello! My name is Muhammad Qasim, and I am the creator of the YouTube channel "Knowledge Hunt," which is rapidly growing with 11,000 subscribers and gaining an additional 1,000 subscribers daily. Our channel specializes in creating engaging and thought-provoking riddles in Urdu, targeting a diverse and enthusiastic Urdu-speaking audience.

**Channel Overview:**

- **Content Focus:** Short videos featuring challenging and fun riddles.
- **Audience Demographics:** Primarily Urdu-speaking viewers from various age groups who enjoy mental challenges and brain teasers.
- **Engagement:** Our videos receive substantial engagement, with a recent tally of 350,000 views in the last 48 hours.
- **Growth:** The channel is experiencing rapid growth, adding approximately 1,000 new subscribers each day.

**Why Partner with Knowledge Hunt:**

1. **High Engagement:** Our short videos consistently attract a large number of views and interactions, ensuring that sponsored content will reach a wide and active audience.
2. **Targeted Audience:** By focusing on Urdu content, we connect deeply with our viewers, fostering a loyal and engaged community.
3. **Rapid Growth:** With our current growth rate, your brand can leverage our expanding reach to maximize visibility and impact.

We are excited about the potential to collaborate with brands that align with our content and values. Looking forward to exploring partnership opportunities that can provide value to our audience and promote your brand effectively.

Best regards,  
Muhammad Qasim


I Am Influencer At YouTube
I Have Followers/Subscribers 10K To 25K
I Will Create & Market To My Fans Product Video, Video Ad

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